Carrie Anne (kissofaurora) wrote in teitur,
Carrie Anne

helloo! ::echoes::

yes, I have a myspace, and for anyone who doesn't, or does but isn't friends with Teitur on it, here is a bulletin he posted that I thought was quite brilliant:

I, the Teitur, want to wish you all the most brilliant Christmas and a great New Year! There is lots to be merry about. If you tune into yourselves and look at what's around you, not in newspapers, television and media, but in the space where you are. That's where you should begin. If you're still sad, try therapy, serious conversation, more sex, Louis Armstrong, chess, partying or get a traditional hobby. One of those should work. If you're still upset. Go out and make a difference and stop bullying us with self-conscious pity. One of the best ideas for a Christmas gift is Phil Spector's classic Christmas album. Go get it as a gift to yourself. Perhaps you are not a Christmas soul, but one who merely takes advantage of the better film programming of the holiday seasons, one who steals from the overwhelming supplies of excess. To you, I say: Go ahead! Go crazy! Indulge! This is a monster that cannot be ignored. Personally, I don't stress to much. Call me an observer. Be a christian, a muslim, a jew, a hindu, a hipster or a sailor, whoever you are. Love, Teitur and Oprah P.S - If you don't like your Playstation Gameboy, send it to ME!
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